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Western New York's Best IT Managed Services Provider

Why Choose ManageMyNet?

There are many good justifications for us laying title to Western New York’s best technology management firm. These start with our long-standing commitment to organizations right here around the Buffalo area. Since 1998, we’ve protected our clients’ networks, streamlined their technology and enabled them to greatly increase productivity—even as we help them reduce operating costs, ensure data security and improve access for key personnel.

Our Focus

The ManageMyNet Way maximizes return on IT investments by enhancing operational efficiency across an entire organization, and that’s good for any company. Our IT support and consulting services have consistently enabled professional service providers, manufacturers, and growth-oriented SMBs to get top value out from their technology. We are also keenly focused on the unique needs and special challenges facing highly regulated industries such as healthcare, legal, insurance and finance—working to see such businesses improve profitability, better serve their clients, and stay well within the bounds of government rules.

ManageMyNet Solves Common Problems Facing Your Business

IT support and Consulting Services

Better profitability depends on improving productivity while controlling—or reducing—operational costs. More and more, trustworthy IT support services for small businesses can mean the difference between a company’s success or failure. Let ManageMyNet make a contribution to a better-looking bottom line through:


Application Management

Cloud Computing Services Providers

Are you thinking about moving some of your critical business applications to the cloud? Not every system is compatible with cloud computing services providers. ManageMyNet can help you determine the best cloud computing solutions to balance maximum productivity and access with cloud computing’s upfront and subscription costs.Take advantage of our expert guidance covering popular software packages as Office, Outlook 365, and Adobe Creative Suite as well as various ERP solutions. We will help you fully enjoy the promise of cloud computing solutions as experienced via simplified user management, faster access to the latest software versions, and drastically lower upgrade costs.


Data Integrity

Data Integrity Services

ManageMyNet’s proprietary technology management framework, The ManageMyNet Way, keenly emphasizes the security of your data. That’s why we are painstaking in maintaining the health of your network and your data through our data backup services. ManageMyNet’s provisions for business continuity also include data disaster recovery services so that if something does go wrong, you can be up and running again in no time!


Remote Access

Remote Access Service

Today’s business teams are always on the move and companies need to be able to move with them. When your network promotes flexibility, your business gains the agility do business any place and at any time. ManageMyNet’s technology management policies focus on IT managed services in a new way: We look for opportunities to integrate remote access solutions that strengthen your environment and give you remote access service on demand. From email management services that sync up with your network across devices and platforms, to remote access solutions like VPN, we can help you keep your data safe, your connection stable, and your performance on track.


Are you ready for technology to deliver a big boost to your bottom line? Call ManageMyNet at 716-318-0444, or email today.

The Real Cost of IT

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It's no exaggeration to say that technology (IT) is indispensable to business. You cannot perform (let alone compete) without it. But technology is not free. Just like utilities, raw materials or labor, technology has costs—some direct (at the point of purchase) and some indirect (maintenance and upgrades). Then there are the hidden costs of IT—the costs incurred when the tools don't quite live up to expectations, aren't implemented correctly, or aren't used to the fullest. In this white paper, we explore the reasons why your technology may not be the valuable investment you intended and share three specific strategies you can use to eliminate the hidden costs of IT and generate a net profit or net productivity explosion!

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