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Commitment to Our Clients

Commitment to Our Clients

We Would Be Proud to Help Your Organization Achieve Its Goals

What sorts of businesses do we support? Well, to answer that question, ask yourself what sorts of businesses could benefit from IT managed services such as these:

...And much more!

As you can imagine, these offerings should appeal to just about any company that wants to improve operational efficiency. However, we have noticed some types of businesses that are especially well represented among our client base.

ManageMyNet makes it Easier for these Businesses to Do Business


IT Managed Services and SolutionsProfessional Services Providers

We fully understand the emphasis our professional services clients place on customer relations, and the vital role technology plays in keeping a channel of communications open to patients or clients. Our IT managed services and solutions provide reliable assistance to highly trained professionals in all aspects of their work, enabling them to carry out important missions in the most effective manner possible.


Outsourced IT Management


We come to manufacturers with a deep knowledge of technology and efficiencies at our disposal as we help them achieve the highest possible production levels. Time and time again, we’ve helped manufacturing companies save money and improve their overall effectiveness through outsourced IT management, maintenance, support and standardized processes.




Our standardized approach to managing IT systems for healthcare providers is grounded in technical expertise and honed by experience. Plus, as first-hand practitioners of HIPAA best practices, we’re prepared to: conduct periodic assessments of risks to electronic Protected Health Information (ePHI); remedy vulnerabilities within computer networks that could lead to security breaches; and implement EMR (electronic medical records) management systems.


Healthcare Providers

Businesses in Highly Regulated Industries

Healthcare providers aren’t the only businesses that face extra scrutiny from government regulators. Fortunately, companies dealing in financial matters or those that regularly handle sensitive client information can turn to ManageMyNet for optimizing their IT networks in ways that improve operational efficiency while meeting all the bureaucratic guidelines concerning the management of electronic data.



SMBs at Every Stage of Growth

We pretty much founded ManageMyNet with the goal of helping small-to-midsized businesses realize their full potential and get their money’s worth from their technology investments. Growing organizations can be confident in ManageMyNet’s ability to serve their companies from Day One. They trust us to understand every minute their technology is not running at 100% efficiency, they are losing money, sales or productivity.


Every Client Is Unique

We may be able to categorize our clients by industry type, but such differentiation can’t begin to address all their unique characteristics, challenges and goals.This is why we tailor our solutions and recommendations to address specific concerns regarding compliance, confidentiality, access, data integrity, business continuity, user management ... and more. We believe that The ManageMyNet Way is the right path for any business, but each company’s journey still has to be different. We’re determined to make it a good one.

Are you looking for more reasons to choose The ManageMyNet Way for your business? Here are nine good ones!

At ManageMyNet, we are always doing more to help our customers grow their businesses. Let us show you what we can do for you. Contact us today!

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